200819 Hind Al Otaiba
Hind Al Otaiba. Image Credit: Hind Al Otaiba/Twitter

Abu Dhabi: After the announcement of a peace treaty with Israel, Hind Al Otaiba, director of strategic communications at the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, said what happened was a quantum geostrategic shift in the region.

Al Otaiba said having no ties with Israel over the past years did not fulfill the aspirations of the Arab peoples in general and the Palestinian people in particular. “The Arab youth have enormous capabilities and great potentials, and they want to work together to advance the region,” Al Otaiba said.

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Al Otaiba added it is necessary to move forward through diplomatic and political means to resolve the crises afflicting the region, as the peace treaty between the UAE and Israel is an opportunity for Israel, the Palestinians, the region and the international community to build on this historic achievement to achieve peace in the region.

Al Otaiba praised the positive reactions to this historic event, and confirmed that the decision to initiate bilateral relations with any country is a sovereign right taken by the UAE, according to its national interests, and in an effort to ensure the greatest benefit for the region and its people.

Al Otaiba pointed out that relations with Israel will contribute to the development of various sectors in the country and support the region’s economy, noting that the health sector has recently witnessed cooperation between UAE and Israeli companies to develop and strengthen research and studies on the coronavirus.