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The Thai government introduced the e-cigarette ban in 2014, which applies to all Thais and foreigners. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: The UAE Embassy in Bangkok issued a travel advisory on Tuesday to warn Emiratis against travelling into Thailand with electronic cigarettes.

Anyone found breaking the ban could face a fine or up to ten years in prison.

On its official Twitter account, the UAE Embassy said: “Caution: Thai authorities prohibit the possession and the smoking of all types of electronic cigarettes, and the offender will be liable to pay a fine, face a prison sentence, or both.”

The UAE mission in Thailand also reminded Emirati travellers that they are not allowed to carry more than 200 cigarettes into the country.

The Southeast Asian state approved a legislation in 2014 banning the import of e-cigarettes into the country. The sale of vaping devices is also considered illegal in the kingdom. The ban applies to both Thais and foreigners.

On the website of the Thai Embassy in London, the mission clarified that the Thai government introduced the ban for health reasons, and explained that electronic cigarettes encouraged young people to smoke.

“There have been recent incidents of foreign travellers who were unaware of the ban facing an on-the-spot fine or being arrested. Thus, travellers coming to Thailand are advised not to bring any electronic cigarettes with them, nor any item or equipment associated with e-cigarettes, such as, the liquid used in the device,” read the statement.

“Likewise, travel agents or tour operators selling Thailand as a destination should make sure their clients are aware of the ban in place on electronic cigarettes,” it added.