Abu Dhabi: The Global Conference of Human Fraternity was officially opened in Abu Dhabi on Sunday by Shaikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister of Tolerance, who championed the principles of tolerance as a way of resolving several global challenges.

"It will be tolerance and human fraternity that will enable cooperation, understanding, and mutual respect among different groups, cultures and religions," the minister said.

"It will be tolerance and human fraternity that will us deal reasonably with important environmental issues... conflicts and political disagreements," he added.

"It will be tolerance and human fraternity that will make us champions for human rights and human obligations," he said.

Shaikh Nahyan said he hoped the conference would also become a global landmark event in global relations between different communities and faiths.

"It is my aspiration and I hope yours as well, that this conference and its outcomes will become known as a landmark event, improving global relations and fraternity.

"It is our responsibility to work together to take up the banner of peace and preservation of human dignity and development of our local and global communities," he added.

The minister ended his speech by thanking all delegates taking in the conference and said he hoped that their participation would lead to positive outcomes.

"Thank you for your resolve to work and devise new strategies on how human tolerance and human fraternity can be unleashed to solve the great global challenges that confront our very humanity."

Held over two-days, the conference is being attended by a number of religious, intellectual and cultural personalities from around the world. The event aims to reach a common framework of global cooperation based on the principles of peace and tolerance.