Dubai: His Highness Shaikh Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice- President and Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai, has launched the fourth generation of the government excellence system which is the first of its kind across the globe that focuses on results and was designed to develop government performance.

The aim of the fourth generation of the government excellence system is to upgrade the system of government work on innovative basis and standards based on achieved results as a foundation for excellence in government services in three main areas: achieving the vision, innovation and empowerment in realising the highest satisfaction rates and people's happiness.

"Today we have launched the fourth generation of the government excellence system representing a new phase of excellence to which we aspire in the work of the government. It paints a proactive approach to the governments of the future to serve our people and country. It is also a completion of the path of excellence that we started 20 years ago when we launched the Dubai Quality Award," Shaikh Mohammad said.

"We have come a long way of successful excellence, and the world at large has witnessed to that. Our country has come in first places and topped global competitiveness indexes. Today we want to build over this achievement to move to a new stage in work titled: excellence based on the results," he added.

"In the race toward the first place we look to excellence as a challenge rather than an achievement. Achievement is what we realize for the future of our people; while the march of excellence is continuous and does not stop at any limits or borders, however it goes through various stages. The race for excellence does not recognize the limits of time and space," he further indicated.

The fourth generation of the government excellence system was launched at the presence of Shaikh Maktoum Bin Mohammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Deputy Ruler of Dubai and Mohammad Abdullah Al Gargawi, Minister of Cabinet Affairs.

Shaikh Mohammad also reviewed some stages of the government excellence process which began in 1994, with the “Dubai Quality Award”. At the time, it drew the first steps toward achieving excellence in the private sector through the adoption of best practices and trends and the construction phase, which was launched in 1997, through the Dubai Award for Government Excellence and developed. It set the international standards for quality to be applied government departments and then the leadership phase marked by the launch of Emirates Award for Excellence in Government Performance in 2009 to form the highest award for institutional excellence at the state’s level.

"After we passed these stages successfully the government reached an important stage of maturity and excellence in performance, its programmes, goals and clarity of vision. So it was time for a new challenge to build upon and through these achievements to launch a broader and more comprehensive system of excellence, thus to continue through it the road to the future that we aspire for our country, making our country the best in the world and our people the happiest and for the UAE to remain a pioneer and most advanced and innovative in government work in the world," he pointed out.

"The content of the fourth generation of the government excellence system is in line with these trends . It focuses on the results of what constitutes an incentive for continuous improvement in the labour regulations proportional with the governments requirements of the future that are capable of understanding the needs and aspirations of the people and meeting them,” he said.

“It represents a step forward and a new approach in the process of work and performance of future governments” He also stressed that " The gates of future governments will not allow traditional ideas and outdated work methods to cross."
“Every effort by the government aims at making people happy and content. Achieving people’s interest is a government priority before anything else, and this makes it imperative for the government to be proactive and innovative, competing with itself, does not wait or delay, rather it foresees prospects for the future. Government work must focus on achieving results in the field, which is reflected positively and effectively in people's daily lives," he concluded.