Mums kindergarten 0121
Nurseries have been suspended for two weeks across the UAE as a precaution in light of coronavirus concerns. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Mothers who have children in nurseries and working in UAE ministries and federal entities will have flexible working hours, according to a circular issued by the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources.

According to the circular addressed today to all ministries and federal entities, working mothers may arrive two hours late or leave two hours before they finish normal working hours so that they can take care of their children.

The move comes one day after the Ministry of Education ordered the closure of nurseries for two weeks as a precautionary measure against coronavirus.

The authority said the flexible working hours will be called off once nurseries are reopened. It also called on all entities to abide by the decision as long as it does not affect the workflow.

Earlier yesterday, the Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health and Prevention held a press briefing where they announced the closure of nurseries and the suspension of all activities meant for students, whether inside or outside the country as a precautionary measure to protect them.