File photo used for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Gulf News Archives

The UAE government announces the return of work in all federal ministries, authorities and institutions by 30 per cent as of Sunday, May 31.

The decision comes within the framework of enhancing the continuity of government work, the gradual return of employees and the provision of government services, in parallel with the implementation of the teleworking system for workers who have been excluded from the decision.

Excluding a number of groups from returning to workplaces and applying the remote work system in emergency situations. Exceptions include pregnant women, people of determination, those with chronic diseases and weakened immunity, and employees of the elderly category.


Exceptions also include employees who care for their children from grade 9 and below, who have children in foster care, or who care for their home who require permanent health care under emergency conditions.

The employees who live with the groups most at risk of health hazards in the same housing and who are in close contact with them such as the elderly and those with determination, and those who suffer from chronic diseases or weak immunity are excluded.

Attendance rate starts at 30 per cent as a minimum and gradually increases based on developments, taking into account the application of precautionary measures for the health and safety of individuals and society, and evaluation and review of the decision is carried out every week.