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Dubai Police say its smart reporting system through mobile app and smart police stations helps cut time and effort as it unifies the efforts of different entities.

Dubai: The smart system for tracking down lost-and-found items, run by Dubai Police, has helped recover a lost watch belonging to a traveller within ten minutes of reporting it.

Major General Ali Bin Lahij, Director of Airports Security Department at Dubai Police, said artificial intelligence (AI)-aided technology is playing a vital role in finding lost items and returning them to the owners. “The system cuts time and effort as it unifies the efforts of different entities,” Maj. Gen. Bin Lahij said.

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Ibrahim Abdul Malik, former general secretary of the UAE Authority of Sports, thanked Dubai Police through his Twitter account for recovering a watch he had lost while travelling through Dubai International Airport. He said that he received a call from Dubai Police within a few minutes after reporting the lost watch, saying that it had been found.

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“Dubai Police are keen to spread happiness among the community and in finding lost items of passengers. Using AI and smart services helps recover lost items,” Bin Lahij added.

He said Malik, who was travelling to Turkey from Dubai, suddenly noticed that his watch was missing, upon arrival at Turkey International Airport. “He didn’t know where or when he had lost it, but could only recall that he had last seen it at the airport in Dubai. We managed to comfort him by informing him that his watch had been found within ten minutes — thanks to the smart system,” he added.