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Dubai Police raided the villa, rescued the victim and arrested the defendants. Picture for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Dubai Court of First Instance sentenced a group of six men to one year in jail for kidnapping a resident, assaulting him to get a ransom from his family after a business dispute.

According to records, the defendants asked their countryman to send cargo to their home country worth Dh200,000 but their country’s Customs confiscated the shipment. That was when they decided to kidnap the victim to get their money back.

They went to his residence in Sharjah and asked him to go out with them to drink tea but they took him to a villa in Al Mutaina area.

They assaulted and locked him inside the villa for five days asking him to contact his family in their home country to give a ransom of Dh50,000.

The victim spoke with his brother asking him to send the money but managed to send his location.

The victim’s brother told his friend in Dubai who alerted Dubai Police.

Dubai Police raided the villa, rescued the victim and arrested the defendants.

During interrogation, the first defendant admitted to kidnapping and assaulting the victim.

“I went to Al Muraqqabat police station to report the incident after the victim’s family called me. They send me the location through WhatsApp and I provided it to policemen,” said the witness in records.

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The defendants said they gave electronic devices to the victim worth Dh200,000 to send to their home country but the customs seized the valuables.

They were charged with kidnapping and assaulting the victim.

The court ordered to deport the defendants after serving their one-year imprisonment.