Major General Dr Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly said a recent survey revealed that some residents feel less safe because they live near labour accommodations. Image Credit: Courtesy: Ministry of Interior

Dubai: The UAE may rank second in a global survey for feeling safe while walking alone at night but some residents still feel wary living near labour and sharing accommodations in the country, said the Ministry of Interior on Monday.

Others have complained that too many bachelors are moving into traditional family neighbourhoods that have long been considered off limits for single men.

To help ease concerns, the Interior ministry said it is launching a new campaign to reduce a growing trend of bachelors looking to accommodation in family areas.

Major General Dr Abdul Quddous Abdul Razzaq Al Obaidly, head of the MOI’s Executive Team in charge of following up on the National Agenda indicators, said a recent survey revealed that some residents feel less safe because they live near labour and sharing accommodations.

The ‘National Standards for Urban Distribution Initiative’ is aimed at ensuring proper accommodations for families only.

“Residents expressed concerns about living near labour and sharing accommodations. The initiative is to reduce the random urban distribution, notably the growing trend among workers to seek accommodation in residential areas, dedicated to families,” Maj Gen Al Obaidly said in a press conference organised at Dubai Police Officers’ Club on Monday.

No figures were given as to what the Interior Ministry said was a growing trend.

The committee formed to implement the initiative includes partners from the Federal Demographic Structure Council (FDSC), urban planning councils, land and property departments, Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation, Ministry of Infrastructure Development and representatives of the different municipalities across the country alongside the Ministry of Interior.

“The initiative is in response to government meetings’ decisions, which call for unifying urban planning standards on the country wide level to increase the feeling of safety,” he added.

He said that they will target residential neighbourhoods, especially workers’ and low-income bachelors’ accommodation areas and families’ shared housing.

“We want to decrease crimes and engage local and federal partners to curb random urban distribution,” Maj Gen Al Obaidly added.

Relevant entities will work with strategic partners to establish the necessary infrastructure and enact legislations to organise popular areas and workers’ accommodation areas; provide the technical requirements and potentials to guarantee security in these areas based on pre-approved standards to ensure the safety and security of society. Strict standards and security and safety conditions were established to guarantee the rights of target groups.”

Safety rate

The sense of safety rate in the UAE was 96.8 per cent this year while Singapore came first with 97.2 per cent.

The UAE Vision 2021 also aims at placing the country on top of the world list in safety and security.

“We are looking to reach 100 per cent by 2021,” Maj Gen Al Obaidly said.