Abu Dhabi: The UAE Cabinet hailed the courage and capabilities of the UAE Armed Forces, which is participating in operations to liberate Hodeidah and its port, as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition and in response to the request of the legitimate Yemeni government.

In a statement issued yesterday (Thursday), the Cabinet said: “As per the request of the legitimate Yemeni government, the UAE Armed Forces, as part of the Saudi-led Arab coalition, will begin operations to liberate Hodeidah and its port, which is under the illegitimate control of Houthi militias.”

The statement said that these operations come as per the request of the Yemeni legitimate government and relevant United Nations Security Council resolutions. This consolidates the legitimacy of an intervention to put an end to the Houthi militia’s aggressive practices that will result in stability for Yemen and its people.

The operation’s target is also to eradicate the arbitrary practices of these militias, particularly in regard to determining the route of humanitarian aid delivered to Yemenis, as well as putting a stop to the smuggling of arms that have prolonged the war in Yemen.

Moreover, the operations aim to promote a political solution for the Yemeni crisis by changing the reality on the ground. The UAE stresses its full support for the efforts of the UN in this regard, and reaffirms its full commitment to international laws and international humanitarian laws. That is why the UAE has taken all necessary preparations to ensure that any risks arising from these operations are accounted for, in line with the attention and priority granted by the Arab coalition command to humanitarian affairs.

The Arab coalition has put in place all necessary plans to address all temporary effects that might arise from operations to liberate Hodeidah.

The UAE emphasised, as part of the Saudi-led Arab Coalition, that it is striving to restore stability and security in Yemen.