ADM removes 242 abandoned vehicles, serves 23 building offences at Musaffah Image Credit: ADM

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi City Municipality (ADM) has registered 742 offences against street vendors and removed 242 vehicles from Musaffah and surrounding areas to the impound area, as they mar the city’s appearance.

The inspection campaign to combat disorderly practices also included transporting the building waste of 23 sectors in Musaffah Industrial Area.

Implementing the provisions of the law, abandoned vehicles have three days after warning notices are affixed on window of the vehicle. Following the lapse of the warning period, the municipality and its partners will remove the vehicle to the impounding area and issue an offence of Dh3,000 against the owner.

ADM serves building offences for breaching the rules and regulations, which require addressing the right building permits for ensuring safety aspects and nurture an ideal environment for maintaining the city’s appearance.