Dr Anwar Mohammad Gargash Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: Dr. Anwar Bin Mohammad Gargash, Minister of State for Foreign Affairs, said the UAE and other countries are fed up with Qatar's 'duplicity'.

In an exclusive interview with CNN, the UAE official outlined the clear 'lack of trust' that caused diplomatic relations to be terminated.

Gargash said: “We had an agreement in 2014, on paper, signed by the Emir of Qatar, pledging that he would abide by the various grievances that were put in the agreement. They have not held to that agreement, so clearly there is a lack of trust.”

“Various countries - Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UAE, Egypt, and other countries - are fed up with this sort of duplicity that we’ve seen, that has been undermining the region… it is time for cooler heads, to restructure Qatar’s approach on foreign policy.

“The other message is: if we don’t see that change then Qatar needs to understand that it’s on its own and it has to sort of deal and run its economy and run its country on its own,”

Gargash said early on Tuesday that Qatar would need to provide a "guaranteed roadmap" before it would consider mending ties.

"We need a guaranteed roadmap to rebuild confidence after our covenants were broken," UAE state minister for foreign affairs Anwar Gargash said on Twitter.

Gargash accused Doha of turning to "money and media and partisanship and extremism" in a series of tweets early Tuesday.

Qatar has denied the allegations.

Bahrain, Egypt, Yemen and the Maldives were also among the governments that severed ties.

A longtime ally of the United States, Qatar has been viewed with lingering suspicion by Washington and its Gulf neighbours over its close relations with Palestinian group Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.

It hosts the largest US airbase in the region, which is crucial in the fight against Daesh group.

It is also set to host the 2022 football World Cup.

The rift among Washington's Gulf allies comes less than a month after US President Donald Trump visited Saudi Arabia and called for a united Muslim front against extremism.

It follows years of rising tensions between Doha and its neighbours.