SHARJAH The Al Majaz Waterfront in Sharjah will be hosting the UAE Ministry of Health & Prevention’s ‘Etmenan’ campaign on October 10, providing free medical check-ups as part of the Breast cancer Awareness Month. The event, to be held from 4.30pm to 7.30pm, will raise breast cancer awareness and foster a culture of regular check-ups. The campaign will offer essential information highlighting the importance of early detection, prevention, symptoms and causes of cervical and breast cancer. Free screenings and check-ups related to breast and cervical cancers, and tests for blood sugar, blood pressure and cholesterol have been arranged. The campaign aims to encourage people to take the necessary steps to ensure early detection. Marwa Obaid Al Shamsi, general manager of Al Majaz Waterfront, said: “Our participation in this event is in line with our social responsibility to ensure the continued wellbeing of our community by raising their health awareness, cancer in particular, given the seriousness that the disease can reach if it goes undetected.”