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Joylyn Hantig Reano, 40, underwent a mastectomy on March 18. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A Filipina expat in Dubai is struggling to pay her medical bills despite having an insurance cover. Joylyn Hantig Reano, 40, who has lived here in the UAE for six years was diagnosed with early stage breast cancer last July.

Joylyn underwent a mastectomy on March 18 at the New Medical Centre hospital in Al Nahda. The hospital bill amounted to Dh24,000. After asking for a discount from the hospital, the amount has been reduced to Dh19,000. Besides, Joylyn has been advised to take 14 chemotherapy sessions, the cost of which amounts to Dh142,000.

The medical oncologist at the hospital confirmed her condition, via a medical report — a copy of which is with Gulf News. The report read: “In the middle of 2020, the patient felt a lump in her left side breast …” A biopsy confirmed her condition involved an invasive ductal carcinoma.

Joylyn, who works as assistant teacher earning a monthly salary of Dh2,500, said she has medical insurance but her limit has been fully consumed as she had to undergo several chemotherapy sessions even before her surgery. “My insurance will be renewed this July. Until then, I have to settling the pending bills.”

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Joylyn's medical insurance limit has been reached, and thus needs assistance till her new insurance kicks in. Image Credit: Supplied

Husband has no work

She said her husband Ryan, who worked as a landscape draftsman, earning a monthly salary of Dh6,400 for a Dubai company, has been out of work since March. “He resigned from his job in February as he had not been paid for three months. His end of service is also due and the company is yet to settle it. In fact we had to request the company to pay a part of the salary as we had to pay our rent.”

Joylyn and Ryan have two children, son France James Reano who is 11 years old and daughter Aiden Reano, who is six. “We have to send home money for our children and their maintenance. I tried to ask people to help me with charity. Am still waiting for their reply. But time is running out. Any help I get will go a long way.”