The wrecked car in the UAE-Oman accident. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Three-year-old Haniyya’s father was waiting for her and her younger brother to grow up so that he can take them for a dream trip to Europe.

However, the Dubai-based Indian software developer’s dreams were dashed on Friday. His family met a horrible accident when they were on the way back to Dubai after a week-long trip to Salalah in Oman.

Ghousulla Azmathulla Khan, 30, his wife Ayesha Siddiqua, 29, and their 8-month-old son Hamza Khan died on the spot, while Haniyya, who suffered severe head injuries, is battling for her life.

Times of Oman reported six fatalities in the accident quoting the Royal Oman Police.

“The accident occurred when a vehicle overturned and collided with another vehicle, and the subsequent collision resulted in the deaths of three citizens from the first vehicle and three expatriates who were in the second vehicle,” the newspaper quoted an unnamed ROP official as saying.

Omani victims

Sohar Port and Free Zone identified the Omani victims as Suwaid Al Shemaisi, executive manager of Corporate Affairs, his son, Saeed, and Mohammad Salim Al Mamari, senior accountant.

The three year old is in critical condition
The three year old is in critical condition Image Credit: Social media

In a statement to Gulf News on Sunday, the Indian Embassy in Muscat said: “We were deeply saddened by the incident under reference that led to loss of precious lives of Indian and Omani nationals.”

As soon as the traffic accident came to its notice, the mission said it got in touch with the family members and relatives of the deceased, Indian social workers and the Indian Consulate in Dubai for necessary help.

“We deeply appreciate the help and support extended to us by Omani authorities in this regard. It is with the help of all concerned that the mortal remains were transported to Hyderabad today morning. The surviving girl, Haniyya, is receiving necessary treatment in Khaula Government Hospital in Muscat at present.”

Consul General of India in Dubai Vipul told Gulf News that the mission in Dubai had also been in touch with all the parties concerned.

“We are in touch with the company [of Ghousulla] for the final settlement of benefits etc,” he added.

Laid to rest

Speaking to Gulf News from Hyderabad, Azizullah Khan, younger brother of Ghousulla, confirmed that the deceased were laid to rest in their hometown on Sunday afternoon.

“All four of them were our world … our life … We can’t bear this. My mother is inconsolable,” the grieving man said.

Ghousulla Azmathulla Khan
Ghousulla Azmathulla Khan Image Credit: Supplied

He said Ghousulla had started working in Dubai in 2015. “My sister-in-law and Haniya used to come and stay at our house for several months. They went back to Dubai in March after Hamza was born. All of us are very attached to Haniyya. We couldn’t even bear a scratch on her body. Now, we can only seek prayers from everybody to save her life and bless their souls.”

Haniyya was scheduled to undergo a surgery on Sunday. Azizullah said Ayesha’s uncle and family in Muscat were taking care of her.

Colleagues still in shock

Meanwhile, shocked colleagues remembered Ghousulla as a soft-spoken and hardworking man who loved travelling, especially long drives.

“He loved to go on trips with his family. This was his third visit to Salalah. Just a week before they went to Salalah,  he had asked me about my family’s summer trip to Europe, and said he also wished to go to Europe with his family when his kids grow up. It is very sad that this trip turned out to be his final journey,” said Geevarghese Philip Malayil.