Umm Al Quwain: An Emirati judge in Umm Al Quwain has paid a Dh60,000 fine on behalf of an Asian family who overstayed their residency visas because they named their son ‘Zayed’, after the UAE’s Founding Father Shaikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al Nahyan.

The judge said that upon hearing the Asian family’s case, he couldn’t help but pay their fines personally especially in recognition of their son’s name.

“Zayed should not pay the fine, Zayed must be honoured,” said the judge, who also gave the boy a ‘Zayed’ scarf and said, “This is to celebrate the 48th UAE National Day.”

The boy’s father couldn’t believe that the case was closed because of his son’s name.

The family had been in legal strife after overstaying their residency visas for a number of years.

In earlier court hearings they had been ordered to pay Dh60,000 in fines.

However, now all cases against the family are closed and their fines have been covered by the judge.