Community service. Manzer Qayuum, left, with Abu Dhabi Q&A Facebook group admins Freya Jaffar and Sadaf Sharif Image Credit: Supplied

ABU DHABI: A Pakistani expat in Abu Dhabi not just rents out wheelchairs for free but also delivers them to the doorstep.

Ex-pilot Manzer Qayyum, 56, said his ‘Wheelchairs for free on temporary basis’ initiative was born out of a personal experience following a crippling accident recently.

“Last year, I suffered an ankle injury which rendered me immobile. I needed a wheelchair. Around the same time I stumbled upon the Facebook group Abu Dhabi Q&A where many others where looking for wheelchairs. So I thought about starting a free wheelchair rental service,” recalled Qayuum.

Visitor Nira Patel using the free wheelchair rental service in Abu Dhabi recently.

Currently, Qayyum has 16 wheelchairs in his fleet of which six have been donated by members of the Abu Dhabi Q&A Facebook group.

Hiring a manual wheelchair from the market costs Dh375 per week while a battery operated one could set you back by Dh1,500.

Enthusiastic response

Qayyum said his service has elicited an enthusiastic response. “Not just Abu Dhabi, people from Dubai and Sharjah also routinely reach out to me on the Abu Dhabi Q&A Facebook. I deliver wheelchairs to people in Abu Dhabi while my son who lives in Dubai handles requests from Sharjah and Dubai. All our wheelchairs are out on hire mostly. I am happy I am able to help people with mobility issues go about their daily chores,” he said.

Scottish expat Dawn Fish with her mother Catherine.

Abu Dhabi-based Scottish expat Dawn Fish who hired a wheelchair for her mother, Catherine, said she is impressed by the service. “At a time when nothing comes free, it is heartening to comes across such a wonderful initiative,” she said.

Irish expat, Jinali Patel, 35 who took a wheelchair on hire for her mother Nira said the service saved her both time and money.

“My mother needed a mobility aid but I did not want to buy one as she was here for just two weeks. I was weighing my options when I came across Qayuum’s post. Thanks to him I was able to hire a wheelchair without worrying about its costs,” she said.

Similar views were expressed by Filipina Ivy Malaluan who also hired a wheelchair for her 71-year-old ailing mother Delia.


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