Sharad Bachani is the co-founder and CEO of Merlin Green Magic Homes Image Credit: Supplied

Merlin Green Magic Homes uses a green living technology that integrates residents with the surroundings, fostering environmental awareness and appreciation of nature with unparalleled unique living experience. Sharad Bachani, co-founder and CEO of Merlin Green Magic Homes talks about the nature-inspired living spaces and the technology behind it.

What is Merlin’s USP?

Green Magic Home (GMH) structures are designed keeping in mind sustainability and efficiency. Our structures are made with cutting-edge recycled polymeric compounds and aerospace technology which offers the ability to live integrated in nature, with total comfort and high energy savings at affordable prices.

Our “elevational” berm design protects against the impact of extreme outdoor temperatures, requires less maintenance, blends into the landscape harmoniously than conventional homes, and offers exceptional protection against high winds, hailstorms, and natural disasters. The inside of the house is built to take advantage of solar gain and alternative energy efficiency, along with providing the convenience of traditional construction.

What have been your major projects in the UAE and around the world?

Over the last couple of months, in the UAE alone, we’ve supplied three GMH structures of about 10,000 square feet and we have another 18 structures nearing completion, totaling 25,000 square feet of nature-inspired living spaces. Globally, Green Magic Home structures have been constructed all across North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia. These are private homes, vacation resorts and commercial spaces. Even a school has been built in the Netherlands using our technology and a themed floating eco-resort in Mexico’s Mayan jungle.

Are your products customised in keeping in mind harsh Dubai summers?

Yes, they are. Merlin Eco Green Technologies is not only the official licensee and certified builder for Green Magic Homes in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific but also the technology partner for GMH in this region. We built our first structures three years ago, and since then have developed various methods and technologies to conform with local regulations as well as to ensure that GMH structures withstand the local climatic conditions.

What should developers do to incorporate green elements in a building?

As developers, it is very important to make the case for greener options with clients, be it alternative construction materials such as Styrocrete, Aircrete, Ashcrete, and even sustainable construction methods such as Earth-Sheltered Construction. We also need to start thinking big, but building more efficiently. Consciously designed homes that utilise space wisely are more eco-friendly and less expensive to run. Another important aspect is insulation. Good insulation is a simple way to decrease the overall environmental footprint of a structure, given that heating and cooling account for over 50 per cent of a home’s energy requirement. We’ve observed a 75 per cent reduction in cooling requirement in our GMH structures as a result of the natural insulation of soil.

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