Dubai/Ras Al Khaimah: Fish prices in Dubai have gone up 30 per cent and will continue to increase in the coming days, possibly increasing up to 50 per cent in the next two days, according to the fishermen's association.

In Fujairah the fish market is closed and fishermen have been hit hard with about a dozen fishing boats destroyed.

The fishing community worked relentlessly to move their ships up the beach and out of the water yesterday working since 5am.

Abdullah Ahmad, chairman of Fujairah's Fisherman's association said the situation was 'terrible, really terrible'.

Speaking to Gulf News he said water levels on the roads had crept up to wheel level on cars and about a dozen ships had been destroyed throughout Tuesday night.

"The sea is rough and it is really terrible. The police is here to help and many people are helping. The waves are high maybe 10 metres and nobody has gone fishing. We were warned yesterday and we are trying to move the boats up the beach and all the equipment," said Ahmad.

He said there were in total about 300 boats that were being moved or emptied of equipment. He said they were expecting more bad weather for a second night.

In Ras Al Khaimah the authorities banned fishing trips and instructed fishermen not to go to sea. The authorities also banned swimming in the sea and instructed the public to avoid trips to the coastline.

A number of fishing boats were already in the sea in fishing trips but the authorities asked them urging them to return home which they did escorted by patrols of the Frontier and Coast Guards.

A senior municipal official said the authorities scanned the ports and waters and ensured none of the fishermen and fishing boats was missing. The official said the ban will remain till further notice.

The fish markets are seeing a serious shortage of all types of fish and prices have increased.