Image Credit: Gulf News

Dubai: More than 281 entries from different talents around took part in the recent ‘Go Green' photography competition from Canon Middle East.

The competition is a part of an ongoing programme to support photography in the region and is designed to raise environmental awareness through the power of images.

‘My Green World' is a photographic work of Iranian Fanik Beret, which won best image. The photographer expressed her delight to Gulf News.

"When I came to Dubai three years ago I felt I was in the middle of a concrete jungle with so much construction and very little greenery around," the 27-year-old said.

"Little things like planting trees at home and arranging lovely potted plants on my kitchen window sill provides an immense relief to my eyes when I look out from my window, as there are only buildings under construction around. We all can start from our homes then extend it to the surroundings which will encourage the community to adopt the concept."

Regarding her personal responsibility towards nature, the winner added: "I would definitely cut the use of plastic bags to make UAE a greener place to live in." She said

‘Go Green, Go Solar' got the second prize.

"The theme of the competition was perfect to inspire me to think and ‘capture' green. I loved the whole concept as it urged photography enthusiasts to think of a ‘green' perspective at a point of time," Syrian winner Ebla Maleh, 28, said.

Igniting message

"People need to think ‘green', as it's the need of the time and I think the images of all the participants have ignited this message at some level to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle.

"My image portrays the solar energy. I enjoy capturing images of nature and landscapes. The ‘Go Green' attitude is something which we must all adopt, starting from home by incorporating it into our daily lifestyles. I think we must all explore ways to rationalise the way we are depleting our natural resources and be more conscious of the way in which water is consumed."

‘Beach Trash' is the theme of the third-place image from Romanian Catalin Marin. "The competition was a great opportunity to convey a serious message. I am an outdoors person and have always had an issue with rubbish being thrown onto beaches by careless people. The amount of trash found at public places is atrocious."

The 31 year old criticised the irresponsibility of some people towards the environment.

"My image tries to convey the message that the scenic nature of this country is hampered by negligent acts. In terms of genre, Dubai is a place where a mix of cultures is beautifully blended, which results in very different attitudes towards the environment."

Catalin therefore suggests people should be educated on the need to ‘Go green' by being considerate to the environment and picking up one's own trash. "We must all aim to reduce rubbish and also dispose of it sensibly," he said.

In fourth place was ‘Romancing the Greens' from Indian photographer Abdul Khaliq. 39.

"Photography as a medium is strong and is capable of conveying complex messages. The competition was apt to keep the environment as a key priority and help people embrace a green lifestyle. "I have always been inspired by green initiatives and am amazed to see the efforts of the UAE government of transforming a desert into meadows."