Chandra Dake is the CEO and Founder of Dake Reschand Image Credit: Supplied

Do you want to add a bit of tranquillity and peace to your modern urban space? Much as the thought of creating such a haven is delightful, in the UAE we are a little more challenged in our gardening efforts, with soaring temperatures and arid sand that demands extra care and gallons of water. As per Dewa, the average property owner in UAE over-waters plants by 38 per cent. With the global water crisis accelerating, and water usage in UAE already at unsustainable levels, high water consumption for gardening and landscaping is a cause for concern. Couple that with the high cost of water consumption, that leaves avid gardeners at a loss for sustainable and cost-effective gardening options.

But what if there was a way to grow a luxuriant and ultra-abundant garden, teeming with tropical greenery, at the peak of the UAE summer, and all while using much less water (up to 75 per cent) and at a fraction of the maintenance costs of traditional gardening?

With Dake Rechsand’s “Breathable Sand”, we have brought a simple and effective product, which requires just a one-time application (only once-in-the-lifetime of the plant or garden) to infuse life into your flower, fruit, or vegetable garden, says Chandra Dake, CEO and Founder of Dake Rechsand. Imagine having an abundant flower bed of roses thriving in the UAE summer, without requiring excess water or labour,

Magic desert sand

Dake Rechsand has just launched a revolutionary range of “breathable sand” products in the UAE. A patented original innovation, the product has been lauded by the UN, for its potential of impact on global food and water security. “Breathable sand” is desert sand, treated with Dake Rechsand’s proprietary technology, helping it retain water around roots much longer than any soil or potting mix, while also allowing air to flow freely. This unique combination gets you dramatic gardening results, with better yields in both quality and quantity, all while using 75 per cent lesser water than traditional gardening. In fact, the same technology has been used to grow 1,500 acres of a water-hungry crop like rice, in the Ulan Buh Desert of North China, one of the world’s most arid regions.

And the positives don’t end there. You can adopt organic gardening practises, without the use of chemical pesticides and fertilisers – whether you are growing green cover, fruits, or an organic veggie patch. A typical home garden in the UAE, using Dake Rechsand’s “breatahble sand” saves between Dh300 and Dh600 on gardening water, in a month. Corporate businesses too can now be more hands-on with their sustainability and eco-friendly CSR initiatives, creating greener office spaces and enhancing employee wellbeing, while saving water.

And adding to this green revolution, are the tiles and kerbstones made with the same breathable sand, that offer water and rainwater harvesting and storage options. So you can now store and recycle excess water and rainwater to further green your garden. A sustainable win-win situationfor all.

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