Al Ain Zoo
Al Ain Zoo on Friday announces that it is waiting for the arrival of its 10 millionth visitor with a massive celebration and special offers Image Credit: Supplied

Al Ain: Al Ain Zoo has announced that it is waiting for the arrival of its 10 millionth visitor with a massive celebration and special offers as it is a significant milestone in terms of the Zoo’s achievements and success in supporting ecotourism and raising awareness of nature conservation.

The Zoo continues to attract visitors from various segments of society.

Visitors' count

The Zoo counts the number of visitors by 10 million, based on a specific statistic that started in 2010 until the middle of 2023, to count the number of visitors who have enjoyed the unique experiences and various that are continuously developed over the years. The Zoo honours its visitors who contributes to the Zoo’s initiatives and programs for the protection of wildlife and environmental sustainability.

The 10 millionth visitor will be awarded with a free annual membership that allows them access to the Zoo and all its facilities, enabling them to enjoy multiple experiences, services, and a variety of adventures for a year.


Ghanim Mubarak Al Hajeri, Director General of the Zoo and Aquarium Public Institution, said: “We are pleased to receive the 10 millionth visitor who will crown our years of effort and relentless work in providing exceptional experiences and services through which we aim to support eco-tourism based on the highest cultural and recreational standards. We are working closely with our partners to add more in the near future to make our park the region’s top family tourist destination.

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“We have overcome many challenges that made us better and it has enabled us to move forward each year and offer the best institutional practices to our visitors and partners locally and globally. The greatest challenge we have faced recently is undoubtedly the Covid-19 crisis, which had some devastating ramifications on global tourism but we are proud to say that we have worked persistently to compensate for what we all faced during that trying period, until we received global praise for our ability to respond to the pandemic with our resilience and strength.”

Al Hajeri extended his thanks and appreciation to all Al Zoo visitors, stressing that the Zoo would not have reached this figure without its loyal guests, who have always been a strong supporter of sustainability, nature conservation and protection of endangered species.