Ahmed Razeen, Managing Director, Agroturf Image Credit: Supplied

During the pandemic many countries have looked at the issue of food security. The UAE has also been vocal about an agrarian revolution in the desert, and is working towards the elimination of hunger and reduction of poverty by improving agricultural and fisheries-based livelihoods. The Dubai government’s sharp focus on sustainability has helped transform the land we live on into a productive agricultural land.

With more and more people are paying more attention to eating organic, there is greater focus on growing and eating locally-produced food. Agroturf Integrated Farms is an initiative to make consumers aware of local produce that has bigger benefits than export-quality superfoods due to its organic growing conditions. Headquartered in UAE and Sri Lanka, Agroturf Integrated Farms aims to improve the environment, help the local economy and offer our consumers with the best quality organic produce that they can harvest themselves. Going organic today, can give us a healthier tomorrow.

What we offer

Agroturf’s organic and inorganic farms in both Sri Lanka and the UAE offer consumers chance to harvest and handpick their own produce. This helps them bond better with the environment and understand harvesting processes.

“We have a variety of seasonal vegetables and fruits that are planted in the open and in greenhouses with controlled temperatures. We use only organic fertilisers made from the cuttings of plants and dried leaves etc. We also use natural pest control methods ensuring that whatever you pick from our farms are 100 per cent chemical free,” says Ahmed Razeen, Managing Director, Agroturf.


Agroturf also specialises in both soft and hard landscaping. “Landscaping helps accentuate the exterior of your property and we use a variety of floral trees, natural elements, water features and more. Our skilled landscape designers will visit your property before planning out your landscape design. Once the design is approved, the project will be handed out to our landscaping and gardening staff who will complete the job and carry out regular maintenance,” says Razeen.

Villa and balcony gardens

A little space can do wonders, especially if it is properly utilised. Having a balcony or a patio garden is a huge blessing for city dwellers because this tiny green space can be a magical getaway with the right design and plants.

Agricultural maintenance

Our expertise in botanics lets us extend an additional service for farm owners or basically anyone with a produce garden. We use natural methods of pest control, and our fertilisers are made of dried and fresh plant waste, animal manure, and bone meal that produce a better yield.


Planting in the greenhouse is ideal for plants that grow better in controlled environments. We can customize greenhouses according to specific requirements depending on the produce.


Whether you want to incorporate hydroponics into your home vegetable garden or in commercial scale, we will assist you with all the necessary procedures.