Dubai: The Hay town council in the UK partnered with the Welsh Chamber of Commerce and the local Hay Festival, as well as shopkeepers to start making the town Plastic Bag Free (PBF) from December 1, 2007.

Altogether 102 stores in Hay joined the campaign.

Among them were flower shops, bookstores, cafes, record stores, gymnasiums and supermarkets.

Many volunteers, armed with letters outlining the aims of the campaign against plastic bag, distributed a re-usable shopping bag to every household.

Many retailers were offering cornstarch shopping bags, which is strong, water-resistant and compostable, at a low price to their customers.

For a week in November, before the start of the campaign, extra plastic recycling points were provided so that residents could dispose of their plastic bags more easily at those points.

Athens campaign

From April 14, 2008 nine major supermarkets in Athens, Greece, started to sell 'green bags' made from eco-friendly materials.

The campaign will run for five years and target 4.5 million people. A public awareness campaign will be launched to reinforce the importance of reducing plastic bag consumption.