Make sure the grill is safe before lighting the coals Image Credit: Pexels

Dubai: If you are someone who enjoys barbecuing in Dubai, remember to follow these guidelines from Dubai Municipality.

The civic body has reminded residents and visitors about the guidelines for safe barbecues to prevent fire accidents.

“Spend a wonderful and cozy winter and enjoy a barbecue gathering with friends and family, but don’t forget to follow #DubaiMunicipality’s guidelines for a safe barbecue to prevent fire incidents,” the municipality said in a tweet on Sunday.

What are the guidelines?

Make sure the stove is safe before lighting the coals

Do not light coal in an enclosed space

Keep the burning stove away from children

Keep the lighter fluid away from the stove and out of children’s reach

Wear heat-resistant gloves and avoid wearing loose clothing near a burning stove

Turn off the fire when you are done, and dispose of coal properly to avoid burns