Shiju, Gillian and Fiyas: The trio experiencing Eid Al Adha excitement for the first the time in the UAE. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Celebrating Eid Al Adha for the first time in the UAE left an indelible mark for new residents and first-time visitors. Going to the beach, malls and parks, as well as visiting family and friends topped the list of things they did on Saturday, the first day of Eid. And with the holidays extending until Monday, they are planning to explore and enjoy more what the country has to offer.

Visiting Indian national Shiju, 26, who came to Dubai just last month, went with friends to a public park early morning. He said the weather was not too hot; there were clouds in the sky and the early morning breeze made it perfect to have a walk around the park. After taking a light breakfast, they then went to a nearby mall and spent the rest of the afternoon walking, hanging around, and enjoying the Eid entertainment being offered at the mall.

He told Gulf News: “Eid in UAE is really very exciting. There are so many things to do – both outdoors and indoors.”

Time with family

Fiyas, 27, meanwhile, visited his cousins in Sharjah. They enjoyed a hearty lunch at home and planned a Mamzar Beach outing at night.

Fiyas – who is originally from Calicut, a coastal city in the south Indian state of Kerala – said he loves the beaches in Dubai and Sharjah. He first came to the UAE seven months ago and is now working for a travel agency. Aside from the beach, he is also a big fan of Burj Khalifa and The Dubai Mall – popular areas that he is planning to spend time in over the Eid holidays.

He said having relatives in the UAE made it enjoyable for him to celebrate Eid away from home for the first time.

'So many things to do'

Filipina expatriate Gillian Lorrein S. Quiamco, 24, is also experiencing Eid for the first in Dubai. She is originally from Zamboanga City in Southern Philippines. She came to Dubai a few months ago and is now working as a staff at a seafood restaurant at a mall.

She said: “Malls are super busy in Dubai during Eid. Back in Zamboanga City, people are also busy during Eid, but nothing compared to the buzz here. People in my hometown would just gather around and share meals known as ‘boodle fight’, but here there are so many things to do, the mall activations and entertainment options are aplenty.”

Although Quiamco is working during Eid, she said she will enjoy the mall events after her duty and would probably head out to La Mer, her favourite beachfront in Dubai, on her day off.