E-learning session Dubai
A student from Our Own High School, Al Warqa, attends an e-learning session at home in Dubai on Sunday. Image Credit: Alex Abraham

Abu Dhabi: Thousands of schoolchildren across the UAE are enjoying the first nationwide initiative to implement remote learning in the country.

Launched to promote social distancing amid the coronavirus pandemic, remote learning lessons began to rolled out to schoolchildren from Sunday, following a two-week spring break for all.

Schools have opted for a variety of platform to reach out to students, delivering content and arranging virtual meetings through applications like Microsoft Teams, Class Dojo, Seesaw and GoNoodle. Students log in every morning, completing assignments and attending live sessions with their teachers and classmates.

UAE students welcome e-learning Irish Belleza, Videographer

Parents, in turn, are also playing a key role to support children at home, helping them to log in, submit content and use resources.

“I feel that I understand the lessons better because I can focus on them at home,” said Ali Al Bastaki, 10, a Grade 5 student in Abu Dhabi.

Tabitha Siregar, 5, a KG1 student at an IB curriculum school, said she enjoys having her older brother and sister assist her in her studies.

Distance learning Irish Belleza, Videographer

Her mother, Berliani Sastra, a 38-year-old homemaker from Indonesia, has to oversee all three of her children during their e-learning.

“I have to help Tabitha to finish her assignments. My elder daughter is in Year 7 and my son in Grade 3, and they finish most of their work on their own. It is good to have the children engaged and learning,” she said,

Sastra did say she is somewhat concern about the additional screen time required for e-learning.