Al Ain: UAE University (UAEU) plans to establish a College of Graduate Studies to oversee the design and delivery of its masters and doctoral-level degree programmes.

The college will serve as an advocate for graduate education and research within and outside the university, said Dr Ali Rashid Al Nuaimi, Vice-Chancellor of UAEU.

It will establish policies and procedures in compliance with the Council of Graduate Schools and other internationally-recognised institutions to guarantee the quality of learning.

Graduate studies and research is accorded priority within UAEU’s strategic planning programmes.

The College of Graduate Studies will facilitate inter-collegiate learning and research. It is tasked with initiating and maintaining an intellectual and professional environment that values and supports creative, scholarly and scientific inquiry.

Professor Mohammad Yousuf Baniyas, UAEU Provost and Chief Academic Officer, said: “One of the major purposes of the establishment of a College of Graduate Studies is the creation of a modern organisational model.”

The college will be instrumental in assessing admission standards and will also facilitate a systematic review of all academic programmes.