Student delegates interact with experts during the discussion that focused on global financial markets. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Students interacted with experts at a discussion summit focused on global financial markets at the Delhi Private School (DPS) Sharjah’s sixth edition of "Opinions".

The event, held at Emirates Aviation College in Dubai on Saturday, saw leaders from the fields of economics, business, and education debate contemporary issues in the global financial scenario with pupils. 

The event was titled "Global Financial Scenario — The forces that shape the Future of Financial Markets".

The panel was chaired by Dinesh Kothari, Managing Director, DPS Sharjah.

DPS Sharjah Principal Vandana Marwaha said students “must explore the canvas facilitated to them and strive through the storm-torn world and explore new horizons”.

She added that events like Opinions 2018 offered them a setting for that journey. The panellists had an interaction with around 350 student delegates from around 25 educational institutions from the UAE and India.

Student moderators Adith Venkat and Sanjana Panicker led the discussions, which ranged from the Great Depression in the 1930s to the present world scenario, where Artificial Intelligence plays an influential role in all its aspects.

Towards the end of the discussion, Kothari said technology should be used to improve ways of working efficiently.