GIIS Dubai
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Global Indian International School, Dubai has been nurturing students through learning environments encouraging them to achieve holistic excellence. The school has been rated ‘Good’ in its first DSIB inspection conducted in February 2022.

The award-winning GMP programme for Kindergarten at GIIS includes early learning skills that are critical in developing lifelong learning capabilities. The GMP curriculum at GIIS is based on the international best practices, Early Years Foundation Stage, Montessori and the NCERT (Indian Curriculum). KinderKitchen, iCare (Service towards the environment), i-Serve (Service towards Society), i-Know (Life skills) and Balad-i (UAE awareness) are all exciting programmes that help children develop into lifelong learners while also ensuring practical application of their education. For Grades 1 and 2, the school follows a more formal and structured style with an innovative, meaningful and interactive learning approach.

The 9GEMS differential is a comprehensive pedagogy for all-round brilliance at GIIS, for primary, middle and senior school. The highly successful 9GEMS promotes the holistic and future-oriented growth of students. The 21st century learning model was designed to help students reach their maximum academic potential along with improving their skills in visual and performing arts. The approach is structured to encourage personality development with an emphasis on nurturing innovation and creativity among students. 9GEMS also aims to cultivate entrepreneurship and leadership skills of students. The curriculum was created with a goal of providing children unrestricted access to learning opportunities in a highly competitive world.

GIIS continually encourages students to partake in a variety of innovative projects across several disciplines. In 2017, the Global Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (GCIE), by Global Schools Foundation (GSF), was launched to develop the entrepreneurial spirit and innovation skills of students by challenging them to think outside the box. It is a place to learn, invent and apply their natural and acquired abilities to discover new things and enhance existing ones. Entrepreneurship boot camps have been offered by the GCIE for kids at GIIS aged 12 to 18 since inception.

The GCIE has also received the 12th Global Continual Improvement & Innovation Symposium Award for its Qutuhal — The Journey of Curiosity programme and a 3-star rating for the Asia Pacific Quality Organization (APQO) award for its contribution towards excellence for the year 2021. RISE (Robotics-Innovation-STREAM-Exploration), a distinguished initiative of GIIS, is a well-structured, KHDA-appreciated holistic learning module for students that offers weekly activities and monthly innovation challenges to stimulate curiosity, creativity, critical thinking and innovation among students. Students in all grades can participate in this programme to enhance their learning in robotics, coding, design thinking, makerspace projects and space education during regular school hours.

In addition, GIIS has implemented Quality Circles and Kaizen Projects — a well-executed and widely acknowledged initiative for resolving genuine-life issues with ideation, collaboration and the Six Sigma learning technique. Students from Grade 3 to 11 are actively engaged in Quality Circles and Kaizen projects, which help them enhance their introspection and collaborative skills. The school has also developed a next-gen immersive learning programme, dubbed MARS (Metaverse–AI–Robotics–Space) Discovery, that integrates 3D content environment development with STREAM subjects and space exploration. The Entrepreneurship Department is witnessing creative and dynamic curriculum being developed by children and educators together. GIIS Dubai encourages students to see the world from a global perspective where learners are taught to become independent through experiences within and beyond the classroom.