Picture for illustrative purposes - students at a college in the US Image Credit: Reuters

Abu Dhabi: Emirati students on scholarships abroad have been requested to return home if their universities have temporarily suspended learning, or if the institutions have suspended teaching and launched full remote learning programmes.

The directive has been issued by the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge (Adek), education sector regulator in the emirate.

The Adek has also called upon Emirati students to return if the host country has requested international students to leave, or if the UAE has made an official announcement calling on all Emiratis to return from the particular country.

In other cases, Emirati students can choose whether or not to return to the UAE.

The Abu Dhabi Scholarships programme funds education abroad for top-performing undergraduate and graduate Emirati students, doctors and government employees.

The authority has said that students who choose to return will not bear administrative or financial consequences, and they can continue to study remotely. They can also enroll in classes at local universities if they wish, or suspend their scholarship for a certain period until they can return to their university abroad.

Regardless of what students choose to do, they have been urged to remain in close contact with the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Office, and inform them promptly of their decisions.

Contact the Abu Dhabi Scholarships Office

All students: ADScholarshipsGlobal@adek.gov.ae 

Email USA: ADScholarshipsUSA@adek.gov.ae

Hotline: +971 50 1894000