I am a high school student based in the UAE and will take my board exams soon. I plan to do Bachelors of Science in Information Technology (BSIT) but would like to know what job opportunities are open for graduates in this sector in the UAE.
Nida wazir, via email

BSIT is different from a Bachelors degree in Computer Systems. BSIT helps to prepare a student to evaluate and design systems to tackle business information difficulties, while a degree in computer systems will help you understand how a computer works.

Your course will focus on e-business, disaster recovery, JAVA, computer forensics, among other things. You may add additional course modules such as computer graphics and web development to further your knowledge and improve your chances in the job market. The career opportunities for graduates of computer information systems are good and the market is expected to grow faster than that of other sectors. As you will have the ability to design computer networks and databases, you could use your knowledge in IT companies, business administration and project management.

Students can go on to get their M.Sc IT (Master of Science in Information Technology, which may be followed by a DIT (Doctor of Information Technology).

My daughter is studying for her 12th grade commerce with mathematics in Abu Dhabi. Can you suggest a course she could pursue that is related to her stream? She is not very interested in accounts. Is it possible to take architecture with this stream?
Saji, Abu Dhabi 

One suggestion I have for parents who approach me for guidance regarding their ward's career/education is to get their children to take a psychometric test. This is to help children choose subjects they would like to study/pursue rather than be forced into areas where their aptitude will not be utilised.

Career choices should be based on the child's natural aptitude and bent. Psychometric tests determine the attitudes, personality traits and abilities of the individual through assessments.

To study architecture in the West, your daughter will need to study English, humanities subjects, mathematics including geometry, trigonometry, algebra and pre-calculus and physics. Art courses would help to broaden her abilities to visualize the end project. Courses in business and commerce are also helpful for a career in architecture.

American University of Sharjah has an excellent reputation and is the first university outside of North America to offer B.Arch. I would suggest you contact it and discuss what your daughter needs to do to prepare for applying there. My understanding is it has undergraduate programmes in architecture and a graduate programme in urban planning.

Your daughter would have to sit for an entrance exam to apply to the top architectural colleges in India. Many colleges would expect her to have studied physics, mathematics with either chemistry, biology, computer science etc. Do remember that Bachelor of Architecture (B.Arch.) is a five-year programme in India.

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