Karen McCord, Executive Principal, AIS Dubai, during a tour of the Australian Pavilion Image Credit: Supplied

Karen McCord, Executive Principal, Australian International School (AIS) Dubai talks about what the education group’s latest offering has to offer.

“Our partnership in education between our staff and families will provide the best holistic education possible for our students within a safe, secure and happy environment. AIS Dubai continues the relationship the Al Sharif Investment Trading Group began over 15 years ago with the Government of Queensland in delivering the Australian Curriculum framework,” says McCord.

“The Innovative Australian Curriculum Framework, delivered by outstanding teachers, specialists and skilled support staff is designed to ensure each child within a futures-focused, supportive environment learns how to learn, develops a deeper understanding about the world around them and their place in it, and in doing so, develops a love of lifelong learning to ensure they reach for the stars.

“Our Sharjah school has been successful for over 15 years, because of our futures-focused curriculum, and the successful outcomes of our graduates. Over the years many Dubai families have expressed their wish to have access to the same opportunities Sharjah families have had for many years.”

“This school is the outcome of so many families making it clear that the Australian Curriculum would be their curriculum of choice. We have been thrilled with the response of our families since the announcement of our

2021 opening,” says McCord.

“Our school will effectively prepare students for their future,” says McCord.

Within each learning area, the Australian Curriculum is organised around key learning principles that reflect a combination of best practice in educational research:

l Engaged Learning — relevance, active learning negotiated, inquiry approach

l Connected Learning — pathways for personal need

l Rigorous Learning — intellectual rigour, literacy, numeracy, ICT links, learning is what students do, not what is done to them

l ‘How to’ Learning — CCEs, Education and Career Planning

l Individualised Learning — inclusive, responsive.

“Our pedagogical practice can be categorised around teaching for engagement, teaching for understanding [responsive to cohort data (personality typing, academic data) feedback], and teaching for independence, that is knowing how to learn, not just what to learn,” adds McCord.

“Our vision for our students is to foster a culture of innovation and our goal ultimately is for them to emerge into society as motivated, emotionally intelligent, reflective, resilient, and investigative thinkers who are self- disciplined, successful and active participants within their community.

“I was fortunate to be provided a tour of the Australian Pavilion two weeks ago after our Sharjah staff and I met with Expo staff. The Australian Pavilion and the presentation will truly be inspiring. Our children will get to visit Expo 2020’s phenomenal school programme experiences at least four times across the six months in addition to families and children being invited for special performances across the Expo 2020 season.”

“AIS Dubai is fortunate to have started its journey in this historic year with UAE’s 50th Anniversary and Expo 2020 all set to welcome the world. We can’t wait to share this once in a lifetime opportunity with the AIS community and the larger Dubai and UAE community who have shown us nothing but support and appreciation this far,” says McCord.