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Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), Dubai

BA Humanities

Prof. Elsa Ashish Thomas

Prof. Elsa Ashish Thomas, Head of Department of Arts and Humanities

“The BA Humanities programme at MAHE Dubai is one-of-its-kind in the region, offering students the opportunity to major in psychology, English or sociology. Due to its multidisciplinary nature, graduates of this programme are better prepared for the future with diverse higher education options and career prospects. Students have the unique opportunity to study psychology along with courses in literature, sociology and anthropology, giving them an in-depth understanding about human beings and deeper perspectives about societies and cultures around the world. This degree provides a solid foundation for further post-graduate study or research careers. Graduates can take up careers in the public sector, NGOs, counselling, social work, teaching, journalism, human resources and personnel management and policy making. They can also work as social scientists for platforms like Facebook, and pursue careers in other specialised fields of psychology like criminology and child psychology.”

Gayatri Ratheesh

Gayatri Ratheesh, student of third year, BA Humanities (Psychology Major)

“I had always intended to pursue humanities for my higher studies and this programme has helped me realise what I would like to do in the future. It has also helped me break out of my shell and interact with people belonging to various cultures and diversities. This programme has helped me build an interest towards industrial and organisational psychology. My professors have always been exceptionally supportive in guiding us to achieve the career of our dreams. Their motivation pushed me to excel and perform well. I plan on pursuing an MBA in Human Resource Management and see myself in the HR department of an MNC.”

Amity University Dubai

Media studies

Dr Fazal Malik

Dr Fazal Malik, Dean of Humanities, Arts and Applied Sciences

“Amity Dubai’s media studies programmes such as mass communication, journalism, film production and animation equip students with the knowledge, skills and competencies required to enter a highly competitive job market. These programmes provide the best opportunity for the students to engage with the industry and learn from practitioners. Creative industries, especially content creation, curation and distribution, now offer immense opportunities to media students who want to work in new and emerging areas of the industry. Our programmes work towards ensuring that the transition into employment or media entrepreneurship is seamless, through structured internships, technology-enabled learning and creativity.”

Hani Jamal

Hani Jamal, student of third year, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication

“Amity University Dubai has given me tremendous opportunities to express myself creatively, both inside and outside the classroom. Joining Amity Dubai has helped me identify exactly what I wanted to do in the future. My professors have helped me with everything I need to succeed, from helping me complete my projects to painstakingly helping me get an internship that is the right fit for me. Right now, I am hoping to work for a renowned radio group. Ultimately, I want to perform. I believe that Amity will give me the education, skills and qualifications to be able to accomplish my goals.”

University of Sharjah

Sustainable and Renewable Energy Engineering (SREE)

Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi

Prof. Abdul Ghani Olabi, Head of SREE Department

“It is a distinctive, bachelor’s degree in the field of renewable energy, the fastest growing and most popular field in the world. This means it will provide great job opportunities to progress your engineering career. In addition, this is a multidisciplinary programme, which will provide students with niche knowledge and unique experiences to stand out from other graduates and make them ready for the job market. Our students study the basic topics related to chemical, mechanical and electrical engineering, with an emphasis on sustainable and renewable energy engineering. This multidisciplinary degree not only offers job opportunities in the field of renewable energy, but also many other engineering (and non-engineering) career choices, as it is a versatile and well-respected degree choice by many employers. Furthermore, the programme provides students with extracurricular opportunities that help students stand out in job interviews. Students gain a broad knowledge regarding energy production from renewable or energy sources such as solar, wind, marine etc. This degree gives students the chance to be leaders in this leading engineering sector.”

Khaled Saleh Husain Masaad

Khaled Saleh Husain Masaad, final year student

“The sustainable and renewable energy engineering programme is one of the most diverse and knowledgeable on many levels, and at UOS, we study everything related to the programme. The programme is very timely in meeting the world demands for renewable energy. Gaining such knowledge will place me and other students at the forefront of employability. I particularly joined this programme because of the wide job opportunities that the major offers. Due to the subject diversity of the programme, graduates can easily find a job in the UAE and abroad. I always felt satisfied and happy during my time at the university. Our professors are all very kind and are ready to help me in every aspect of my life, whether it concerns school work or is related to career queries. ”

Westford University College

Master in Business Administration

Prof. Cameron A. Batmanghlic

Prof. Cameron A. Batmanghlic, Dean

“In an ever-changing business environment, professionals need to keep abreast with the dynamics of change by continuously updating their knowledge and skills. Westford, in partnership with Cardiff Metropolitan University and Liverpool Business School, in the UK, offers an array of prestigious programmes. Westford’s MBA and bachelors programmes look at further boosting and heightening strategic thinking in an international context, providing a flexible platform for theoretical and practical learning. The programme further benefits the professionals by training them in intrapreneurship and encouraging leadership skills in their organisation. Furthermore, our initiatives like WEConnect with Business Leaders and We Talk, provide a platform to connect and interact with C-suite leaders.”

Mohamed H Ibrahim

Mohamed H Ibrahim, Regional GM, Human Resources, Al-Futtaim Automotive, and a student of MBA

“This is a great programme with a steep learning curve that allows you to realise your potential in a short span of time while interacting and engaging with like-minded students and business professionals. The programme widened my horizon and my thinking towards organisational behaviour, especially during the current pandemic climate. I’m in a good place with my career and I joined this programme for self-development and awareness. Today more than ever, staying updated with new trends in HR is crucial to the success of any leader. I have got tremendous support from the faculty. I have also collaborated with other students and studied independently as well using Westford’s online library. ”

BITS Pilani Dubai

B.E. Mechanical

Dr Priyank Upadhyaya

Dr Priyank Upadhyaya, Head of Department of Mechanical Engineering

“Mechanical engineering is a versatile field that trains students to design and develop novel engineering products for the future. Our high-calibre faculty focuses on enhancing critical and creative thinking and entrepreneurship in the areas of automotive, mechatronics, robotics, aeronautics, green energy and sustainability, aided with hands-on learning, and a 30-week industry internship. The department also offers minors certification in robotics and aeronautics. “BE (Mechanical) graduates can either opt to join as a professional in industry or pursue higher education in top-ranked global universities. Our alumni have active appointments in sectors including aerospace, automotive, construction, building and energy management, oil and gas, chemical processing, manufacturing, automation, and technical consulting.”

Samreen Khan

Samreen Khan, student of mechanical engineering

“It is highly engaging, challenging, and an interesting programme with an in-depth understanding of the subject. I enjoyed rocket and spacecraft propulsion, kinematics and dynamics of machinery, computer-aided manufacturing, and mechatronics electives the most. The department has well-equipped, state-of-the-art laboratories providing hands-on experiential learning. Assignments and projects help us gain software skills relevant to the industry. Faculties encourage discussions even beyond class hours, assist students in project work, and counsel them for a career ahead. Owing to the flexible and exhaustive coursework, I am ready to join the aerospace industry.”

Murdoch University Dubai

Bachelor of Business

Keary Shandler

Keary Shandler, Programme Coordinator for Undergraduate Business and Faculty for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Business

“This programme offers the fundamentally important opportunity to play a crucial role in society. Whether you are looking to be the next top-level CEO or start your own business, a double major offers flexibility, leading you into dynamic intersections between finance, banking, accounting, management, marketing, human resource management or tourism and hospitality management. It’s not just knowledge that’s important these days. Our programmes also help you build valuable interpersonal skills through real world learning experiences. Engaging with industry throughout your study journey helps develop a competitive edge for highly sought-after skills that are vital for the ever-changing world of work.”

Ajay Mani

Ajay Mani, student of Bachelor of Business with a double major in finance and marketing

“The Finance and Marketing programme was an interesting choice for me. My favourite feature of the marketing programme is diversity, understanding different cultures, working with different people. Likewise, I loved finance for its practicality of projects to real-world situations. I want to be an entrepreneur and manage my own financial consultancy. The skills I learnt from finance and marketing will help me with my goal. The support I received from Murdoch University is exemplary. I have received a scholarship from the finance team, internships from lecturers and timely help regarding my course from student services.”

The University of Manchester

Manchester Global Part-time MBA

Xavier Duran

Xavier Duran, Director of MBA Programmes at Alliance Manchester Business School (MBS)

“As in all periods of uncertainty, there is also opportunity to consider for personal and professional development. In difficult economic times, MBA applications generally rise as candidates seek to enhance their employability. The need now is for what I call versatility and it’s a vital attribute. This is where the MBA comes in because it provides students with a unique big picture overview and insights into all the key functions of business, from operations to HR. These are then brought together through an over-arching strategy course.”

Firas Eid

Firas Eid, founder and CEO of Analytics and an Alliance MBS alumnus.

“Leadership in a crisis demands a high degree of soft skills – a more reflective approach that incorporates empathy and compassion. This emotional intelligence (EQ) focuses on people skills, and combined with business insight and acumen, are essential qualities for any leader. The Manchester Global part-time MBA places a greater emphasis on developing these personal and professional skills and qualities, alongside the harder technical skills and expertise expected from an MBA holder, to help create a more rounded business leader.”

The Emirates Academy of Hospitality Management (EAHM)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in International Hospitality Management

Helen Morris

Helen Morris, Senior Lecturer

“To put it simply, our BBA programme paves the way to global leadership for students looking to pursue their passion in hospitality or other related industries. At EAHM, the BBA programme combines academic theory from industry-leading faculty with real-life practical and internship experience, allowing students to put into use all that they learn. By enrolling for this three-year programme this September, students will be able to cultivate all the higher order thinking and networking skills required to graduate a leader in an industry that will be experiencing an inevitable post-Covid boom within the next two to three years. Our BBA programme opens students up to a world of opportunity, with over 1,000 EAHM alumni currently working in over 40 countries. Around 97 per cent of our students receive job offers before graduation thanks to the programme’s compulsory internship programme, and networking opportunities.”

Emil Josey

Emil Josey, current student of BBA

"As I enter my final year of the BBA programme, my experience has been nothing short of incredible. I have received personalised attention from our faculty, and have formed lifelong friendships with future leaders of the hospitality and tourism industry. Whether I am consulting real businesses on commercial and operational solutions, creating and executing real-life restaurant concepts, or immersing myself in a world of internship, I am confident that the programme has set me up for academic success, and leadership in the real working world. The internship component of the BBA programme is integral to a practical application of the theory that we learn – and our Internships Department is always helpful to match students with opportunities. Close relationships with faculty also mean that they expose us to networking opportunities and cutting-edge research.”

Canadian University Dubai

BBA in Marketing and Luxury Marketing

Dr Suhair Hamouri

Dr Suhair Hamouri, Associate Dean – Strategy and Business Development – Faculty of Management.

“Marketing is an essential function of every successful business. In today’s competitive business environment, the strategic positioning of products and services and brands can determine the sustainability and growth of virtually any business. To be ahead of the game, successful organisations require marketing strategies that meet and exceed consumer demand, achieve competitive advantage, and ultimately enhance financial performance. Before graduation, students of CUD can explore marketing internships that prepare them for a plethora of career opportunities in national and international organisations. A marketing graduate can soon become a successful executive/ manager in marketing, advertising and promotion, social media marketing, retail/ brand marketing or even become an entrepreneur. It’s all about passion.”

Eduarda Bacchi

Eduarda Bacchi, student

“I am an international student who took the risk to come to Dubai to pursue an exceptional marketing degree. The BBA in marketing programme at CUD is certainly the right choice and has exceeded my expectations at all levels. Besides a broad range of essential courses to develop core skills for my career as a marketeer, the learning experience goes beyond classroom work, which is really exciting. I truly believe that this degree can increase my market competitiveness, and CUD does a great job supporting the students with a phenomenal career services team.”

Heriot-Watt University Dubai

B.Eng (Hons) Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr Tadhg O’Donovan

Dr Tadhg O’Donovan, Associate Head, School of Engineering and Physical Sciences.

“From the development of smartphones to smart cities and sustainability, graduates of our programme are driving innovation across many sectors. The flexibility of the programme allows students to get insight into a wide range of industry sectors through project work and course choices and specialise in a sector they are passionate about. The curriculum is set up to support engineers to learn experientially, in the workshops, labs and collaboratively with other undergraduate engineers. Heriot-Watt prides itself on its industry links and engages regularly with their active Industrial Advisory Board to keep all its degree programmes relevant and to produce graduates who are prepared for the workplace.”

Tanishi Mathur

Tanishi Mathur, student

“In my opinion, this programme is an excellent mix between the two broader topics, electricity and electronics, that are so integral to the society we live in today. It explores new innovations in technology, paving the way for the future with a strong foundation. Given the structure of this programme, my career expectations would be to get into an organisation that caters to various building management systems or power generation because these are the specific areas that pique my interest. The best part about studying at this university is how supportive and helpful all members of staff are. Our professors’ doors are always open to students to not only discuss classwork and assignments but bounce off any ideas regarding competitions or external projects. Apart from that the university provides us access to an online inventory full of papers and other research material dated back to 50 years. Our lab facilities are also excellent.”

Curtin University Dubai

Mechanical Engineering

Dr Pon Selvan

Dr Pon Selvan, Head of Engineering & Sciences

“At the undergraduate level, students will start with an introduction to key mechanical engineering topics. As the course progresses, there will be more opportunities to specialise in a particular field such as design, manufacturing, thermal, heating, ventilation and air-conditioning, hydraulics, automobile, aeronautical, aerospace and robotics. Throughout the course, to bridge the gap between industry and the university and with a view to enhance the technical skills of budding engineers, industrial visits, workshops, and expert guest lectures are frequently organised for students. To be eligible to graduate from Curtin University, students need to accumulate 480 hours of suitable exposure to professional engineering practice (EPEP). Mechanical engineers are heavily involved in the design and development of transportation systems. Design and manufacturing is another major area for mechanical engineers. They are also involved in different sectors of society, including robotics, healthcare, food processing, agriculture etc. They can also choose to start a business of their own.”

Keerthana Dana Sekaran

Keerthana Dana Sekaran, first year student and engineering school officer.

“I am quite honoured to be pursuing engineering at a university that’s ranked second in the world for Mining and Engineering. Curtin Dubai’s mechanical engineering programme offers relevan practical and real-world skills to excel in the field. During my first trimester, I had the opportunity to attend over 15 industry visits to organisations that provided us key insights and knowledge about engineering. Our professors are tremendously dedicated and approachable. They have been very helpful and supportive of whether we study online or engage in face-to-face classes.” 

Middlesex University Dubai

Accounting and Finance

Pallavi Kishore

Pallavi Kishore, Campus Programme Coordinator.

“Accounting and finance programmes at Middlesex University are the ideal first step for students who are looking to become qualified accountants or finance professionals. The programmes are tailored so that students receive the highest possible number of exemptions from the professional body examinations that are recognised worldwide. Students are encouraged to develop and hone their skills through a wide range of co-curricular and extracurricular activities, including inter-university competitions, field trips and networking opportunities. Our students graduate with a world-class degree and have progressed into careers with a range of prestigious organisations.”

Sowmya Raghavan

Sowmya Raghavan, student

“The BA Honours Accounting and Finance programme ensures that we get a holistic learning experience in the form of classroom activities, competitions that provide practical knowledge, and guest lectures from industry professionals. In addition to ensuring our academic success, our lecturers also encourage us to participate in competitions and provide us with the necessary guidance and training. The programme allows us to avail exemptions from various professional bodies which further helps in building and fast tracking our career. I believe that this programme will equip me with the knowledge and skills, enabling my career progression in the field of finance.”

Gulf Medical University (GMU)

Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD)

Prof. Dr. Sherief Khalifa

Prof. Dr. Sherief Khalifa, Vice Chancellor for Quality and Global Engagement, GMU and Dean - College of Pharmacy

“This is the first and only internationally certified entry-to-practice PharmD programme in the UAE. It has been granted Certification by the Accreditation Council for Pharmacy Education, US. The aim of the programme is to prepare and graduate professional pharmacists who are drug therapy experts. The College of Pharmacy has developed key partnerships with leading hospitals in the UAE for training purposes. Students can choose from a wide range of career opportunities in diverse areas including clinical, hospital and community pharmacy, drug regulation with government and regulatory bodies, medical marketing, production and quality control for the pharmaceutical industry, and education and research.”

Dalia Yousef Mohammed Al Saeedy

Dalia Yousef Mohammed Al Saeedy, student from the class of 2020

“The best thing about the PharmD programme is that it is very versatile. It offers both pharmaceutical-oriented and clinical-oriented competencies; so there is something for everyone. This allows you to carve your own path based on your individual interests. The faculty members have contributed significantly towards furthering my research interests, by providing me with the support needed to participate in multiple conference presentations, as well as publish various papers in peer-reviewed journals. I’ve also been very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to travel to the US for a summer research internship. I hope to build a career either in research & development, or in academia.”

RIT Dubai

Mechanical Engineering

Mohamed Samaha

Mohamed Samaha, Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

“This programme gives our students the chance to learn, debate, think critically and discuss the academic information that they receive in the classroom. We have high quality faculty members who are providing the best learning environment for the students. Here, students are not only learning scientific materials but also receiving the linkage between the engineering subjects and their application in the industry. Our second year students get the opportunity for one year COOP (internship) in the industry with a real job in companies, factories, etc. This is exclusive to the RIT Engineering Bachelor programmes. The syllabi are carefully developed with a collaboration of both RIT-Dubai and RIT-NY faculty members. ”

Abhishek Subramaniam

Abhishek Subramaniam, third year student

“The B.Sc. programme at RIT Dubai offers us a lot of experience right from the very first semester. Alongside engineering courses, we also take several courses unrelated to our major and have the option to do an immersion or a minor in our preferred field. Most core courses have research and innovative projects integrated within them. Professors are helpful and often give us research opportunities. The programme also gives us the option to study at the Rochester, New York campus. Most projects nowadays focus on utilisation and conservation of energy. This has become my focus as well. At RIT Dubai, a co-op or internship experience is mandatory. The scholarship criteria is not stringent and is achievable every year. Career and Co-operative services help us land full-time jobs while still being in junior year.”