Only 15 students will be allowed in an exam hall Image Credit: Shutterstock

Abu Dhabi: Even though board exams will go on as scheduled at Indian and Pakistani curriculum schools in the UAE, there should only be 15 students in each exam hall, Gulf News has learnt.

Parents to pick up students

A circular sent by education authorities also calls upon school leaders to prevent direct contact between students, and to also suspend all school transportation in favour of parent pick-up and drop-off.

“The 2019-2020 academic year at Indian and Pakistani curriculum schools in the UAE will end on Sunday, March 8,” says a circular endorsed by the Ministry of Education, the Abu Dhabi Department of Education and Knowledge, Knowledge and Human Development Authority, Sharjah Private Education Authority and the Government of Dubai.

“Schools must make sure to finish all the board exams – CBSE, Kerala State Board and ICSE – according to the dates specified by examination boards. Schools must carefully follow and abide by all health and safety procedures during the period of exams, as specified,” the circular specified for Indian curriculum schools.

A similar directive has been issued for Pakistani curriculum schools which will organise pre-scheduled board exams for Grades 9 to 12.

For students enrolled in non-board-exam years, schools have to calculate the average grade for students in subjects where final exams have not been conducted. These include students up to Grade 9 in Indian curriculum schools, as well as those in Grade 11 in CBSE and ICSE schools. Non-board years for Pakistani schools are up to Grade 8 only.

“Due to the potential changes in the guidance given by the relevant authorities in regard to the Covid-19 virus, all school principals must continually monitor their emails and remain up to date on any further instructions and restrictions. Immediate actions will need to be taken upon receipt of additional information,” the circular states.

Health and safety regulations during board exams

Sanitise all exam halls before the arrival of students and after they are dismissed, according to the approved procedures and regulations

Organise students within exam halls in small, separated groups which should not exceed more than 15 students per hall

Prevent any direct contact between students.

Dismiss students from school immediately after they have completed their exams.

Take all the precautionary measures that guarantee the health and safety of all students.

Provide full-time medical staff (doctor and nurse) during the entire period of the exam. Medical staff must monitor every student, tracking their health, and in case of any student experiencing any symptoms, they should immediately be sent home.

Suspend all school transportation during the period of the exams and have parents pick up and drop off their children.