Children preparing pizza in the kitchen, with a little help from their mom Image Credit: Agency
Arav Patnaik

Yes. Cooking could be an art, a hobby or a profession. As boys and girls work towards bridging the gender gap, why not in cookery as well?

And cooking has plenth of benefits, believe me.

1) It helps families bond: Both boys and girls can extend a helping hand at home to their parents as this helps develop family bonding.

2) Education: Learning to cook various cuisines is a window to different cultures of the world.

3) Nutrition load: If you know how to cook, it helps you know what you are eating and if you are eating right.

4) Anti-junk food move: Those who learn to cook, eat healthy and avoid junk food, therefore avoid the risk of obesity and health issues.

5) Cooking involves biology, science and math: Measuring cups, temperatures, how cooking gadgets work, how ingredients combine, and the safety know-how, cooking is a mastercalss in all.

6) Career option: An excellent opportunity for both boys and girls.

7) A sense of independence: Gets boys and girls get to think of options beyond the comfort of food being served to them.

8) Social responsibility: Boys and girls could cook and serve the community, especially people in need.