A Dubai Police official with the three-month-old infant. Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: In another humanitarian gesture by Dubai Police, the Victim Support Team at the Naif Police Station recently responded to a request from a woman in custody to be reunited with her three-month-old boy as she had no one to trust him with.

According to Brigadier Dr Tariq Muhammad Noor Tahlak, Director of Naif Police Station, the woman was placed in detention as a result of a quarrel between her and a woman another nationality.

“The woman approached one of our female officers and requested to see and check on her three-month-old baby, and claimed that she had no family members outside who she could trust her baby with,” he said.

Brig. Tahlak explained that within an hour, the Victim Support Team reunited the baby with his mother after verifying his identification papers in cooperation with the Dubai Hospital.

“We then arranged her transfer with her infant to Dubai Women’s Prison in cooperation with the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, which is fully prepared for such cases and has necessary healthcare facilities.”

Special care

Colonel Jamila Al Zaabi, Director of Women’s Prison in the General Department of Punitive and Correctional Institutions, said that prison is not an appropriate place for children. However, it is the only option for some inmates, given that there are no family members outside to care of the child until their mother’s sentence is served.

“Once the inmate arrives with her child, they undergo several medical examinations. We make sure all children’s needs are available including provision of appropriate food, personal and health care tools and supplies and clothes. We also provide the necessary immunisations and vaccinations,” she said.

Col. Al Zaabi explained that if the mother is psychologically fit and able to take care of her baby, the child gets to stay with her in a building designated for mothers and their children.

In the event that she is unable to take care of the child and there is no one outside to take care of them, the infant is transferred to the women’s prison nursery, which is a separate building equipped with all the required services and facilities.

“The nursery is operated by professionals and 10 specialised nannies who take care of infants and children. The mother gets to visit and spend time with her baby on a daily basis,” Col Al Zaabi said.

The arrested woman thanked Dubai Police and said she was touched by their gesture.