The tent from which the tourist was rescued Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: Dubai Police have helped a tourist who ran out of cash and remained stuck inside a tent in a desert off Dubai.

The 33-year-old tourist was spotted by the police patrol in Al Faqa’ area on the border of Dubai-Al Ain. She was found living alone in the tent.

Colonel Dr Mubarak Salem Bin Nawwas, Director of Tourist Police Department at Dubai Police, said the woman claimed that she took a taxi to the area and chose a spot to pitch her tent.

“A patrol from our department went to her location for help. The woman claimed that she came to visit the country after a heated argument with her family in her home country but ran out of cash. She didn’t want to leave Dubai either,” said Bin Nawwas.

“She got attached to Dubai and wanted to stay even if it was in a tent.”

Dubai Police booked a hotel room for the tourist and transferred her to a hospital to provide mental health care which she was undergoing in her country. Ther woman had apparently not brought the medicines along with her.

“After she received full treatment, Dubai Police coordinated with the concerned authority to waive the fines,” said Bin Nawwas.

Dubai Police bought a ticket for the woman and dropped her to the airport to enable her return to her country. The effort was undertaken in collaboration with her country's consulate.

The tourist thanked Dubai Police for the aid and hospitality she received during her stay in the country.