A screen grab of the animal from the viral video Image Credit: S

Dubai: Dubai Police have reassured the community that it is taking all measures to minimise any potential danger to people from a "wild animal" that was spotted in the Springs 3 area of Dubai.

Dubai Media Office said late Tuesday that a team of trained professionals is currently conducting an extensive search to locate and capture the animal.

Authorities advised members of The Springs community to exercise all necessary caution.

Dubai Police said bringing out any kind of wild animal into a public environment is strictly prohibited under the emirate’s laws, and violators can face a jail term of up to six months in addition to severe financial penalties.

Dubai Police also urged the public to call 999 if they spot the animal.

Gulf News, which was aware of a video being circulated on social media that showed the "jaguar" or "black panther"  reportedly roaming free in Springs 3, had earlier reached out to the authorities to verify the information.