Dubai: Dubai Municipality has intensified inspections of salons and beauty centres ahead of the Eid rush to clamp down on unhygienic practices.

Dr Naseem Mohammad Rafei, acting director of the Health and Safety Department, said that the municipality’s comprehensive control system for salons and beauty centres includes the fulfilment of all requirements and standards approved by the municipality in accordance with the best international practices.

Rafei said that salons would be shut down if they are found to be mixing chemicals with beauty products, which is a banned practice.

In the event of skin complications from the use of henna, salons would also bear the responsibility of harming their customers, Rafei added.

Hair removal using flame stoves is also banned to avoid potential complications, and they should be replaced with approved electrical appliances, she said.

Inspections are focused on high-risk violations such as hygiene and personal cleanliness of employees and the commitment to the steps provided for cleaning and sterilisation, plus the use of disposable tools as healthy alternatives to customers.

Apart from issuing guidelines and conducting awareness drives, she said, the municipality had launched the “Montaji” app which provides information on permitted and non-permitted ingredients for use in any registered product.

Dubai Municipality also appealed to customers that in the event of any side effects from the use of some products, the customer must immediately inform the municipality.

Customers can register complaints through the municipality call centre’s toll free number 800900 and the Dubai 24/7 app.

Rafei said necessary corrective measures would be taken within 48 hours of receiving the complaint.