Major General Rashid Al Matroushi Image Credit: Supplied

Dubai: A million workers have been trained in fire-fighting by Dubai Civil Defence since 2015, an official said on Tuesday.

In 2018, Dubai Civil Defence held 1,336 workshops and lectures on fire safety. Around 94,520 people of all ages and backgrounds participated.

Maj Gen Rashid Al Matroushi, director of Dubai Civil Defence, said that the public had extinguished 239 fires since a programme to train workers in factories and commercial entities began four years ago.

“As part of Dubai Civil Defence’s strategic plan to raise the awareness among society of fire safety, we created a five-year plan to train workers,” said Al Matroushi. “To date we have trained one million workers on fire safety and extinguishing fires.”


people trained by Dubai Civil Defence in 1,336 in fire safety workshops and lectures last year

Al Matroushi added that training those workers had helped reduce fires by eight per cent since the training programme’s launch in 2015.

“The public have helped to extinguish 239 fires since 2015,” he added. “These trainees helped to control the fires and reduce the rate of loss or damage to lives and property thanks to their quick response.”

Dubai Civil Defence said that the one million trainees were a strong foundation with which to spread awareness of fire safety as they would educate their friends and families too.

“Our aim was to train people in the proper operation of portable fire extinguishers and what to do in case of fire,” said Al Matroushi. “The trainees are in different entities in the economic sector and they spread their knowledge in fire safety to their families,” he added.

Al Matroushi said that they will continue to train more people and hold further workshops for members of the public after studying statistics pertaining to fire and their causes and locations.