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Dubai: A Dubai resident has sustained a walking disability, loss of bowel control and “inability to perform his duties to his wife” after medical malpractice.

According to Dubai Appeal Court, the man suffered from lower back pain and a doctor in a private hospital told him to undergo surgery, which went wrong. The man then filed a civil case against the doctor and the hospital. The court ordered them to pay compensation of Dh3 million but the Appeal Court overturned the order to Dh800,000.

Worsening situation

According to official records, the man suffered from pain after the surgery and the doctor gave him an injection treatment. The man had two more surgeries by the same doctor inside the hospital but his condition worsened.

The man kept visiting the hospital for one year and ended up with a walking disability, loss of bowel control, inability to perform his duties to his wife, weakness, and severe pain in his lower back.

The man visited a second hospital and was told that he had received a wrong treatment. After an investigation, the doctor was convicted and his license was suspended for three months.

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Committee report

A report by a committee of doctors blamed the doctor for wrong treatment and added that he committed severe malpractice.

The committee said there were a series of mistakes that led to the disability and there are no chances that the man’s condition will improve.

He needed correctional surgery to treat his original pain and complications.

The man, who couldn’t work after the treatment, asked the court for Dh10 million compensation from the doctor and the hospital for the damages.

The First Instance Court ordered a compensation of Dh3 million but the Appeal Court made the amount Dh800,000.