The city of Dubai will wear a more colourful, bright and festive look during the 31-day extravaganza - Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) - with Dubai Municipality spending over Dh10 million in decorating 80 streets of the city.

Around 1,515 rectangular 3-D banners, 200 direction signs, large mounted boards, colourful festoons, huge gates welcoming visitors, coupled with 35 million lights will add colour, glitz and attraction to the biggest shopping bonanza in the region which is expected to pull more visitors and tourists to the Middle East's number one shopping and leisure destination, than last year.

These will be in addition to the daily fireworks and Aqua Fantasia shows which have been among some of the most popular daily events.

The overall budget for this year's DSF is around Dh75 million.

The other attraction will be an extended and more colourful global village which has been shifted to a new venue - the Festival City.

"A completely new design has been chosen for this year's sponsored street banners," said Mohammed Al Noori, Dubai Municipality's head of Advert-isements section.

"Instead of the usual two-dimensional panels, a three-dimensional rectangular system that fits completely around the electric poles, supported by a custom-fabricated bracket system, has been introduced.

"Another distinctive element of this year's banner system is that the entire structure will be illuminated from within.

"This year's design element is more creative and colourful than that of last year. We are adding extra 5 million lights to illuminate the city and its prominent landmarks to attract people to the Festival."

The sponsor banners are more artistically designed this year, with the DSF branding cleverly blended with the sponsor branding, giving an aesthetic appeal to the street decoration pattern. The top half of the banner has flags while the lower half has ribbons, to heighten the festive effect.

The lighting around the banners has different motifs, such as stars and fireworks, globes, musical notes and flowers, all symbolising the DSF 2002 theme - One World, One Family, One Festival.

"We have already begun to fix the banners, festoons and display boards at different locations in the city. Right from the Dubai-Sharjah road to Dubai-Abu Dhabi road, people will be able to catch the flavour of the festival that will be taking place in Dubai."

He said, hundreds of people have been working day and night to design, make and set up the various items.