A Pakistani worker has been accused of sexually abusing an Emirati boy near a mosque, the Dubai court of First Instance heard.

According to official records, the 8-year-old Emirati boy was playing with his bicycle near a mosque at Al Qusais area on October 2019, when the defendant asked the boy to help him fix his bicycle.

“It was Magrib prayer and I was playing with my bicycle when he came and asked me to help him fix his bicycle. He touched my backside and kissed me on the cheek and left. Nobody was in the area and I was scared,” the boy said in records.

The boy returned back to his house and informed his mother who alerted Dubai police.

“My uncle came with me to the area again and I pointed to the defendant. My uncle restrained him and the police came.”

An Emirati policeman testified that he heard the 34-year-old defendant begging the boy’s uncle to forgive him.

“The defendant admitted of slapping the boy on his backside and that he didn’t intend to abuse him,” the Emirati policeman said.

Dubai Public prosecution charged the defendant with sexually abusing the boy.

A verdict expected on January 29 while the defendant will remain in police custody.