knife attack
For illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Agency

Dubai: A woman accused of the attempted murder of a masseuse went on trial at the Dubai Court of First Instance on Monday.

The Nepali defendant, 30, tried to stab the Indian masseuse, 33, for her relationship with defendant’s ex-boyfriend. The victim blocked the attack with her arm and held the blade of the knife to prevent more wounds.

It was revealed that the defendant asked the victim to stop her relationship with her ex-boyfriend, before she attacked the masseuse on the street near a hotel in Bur Dubai in December.

“She asked me to leave him and said that he had left her because of my relationship with him,” said the Indian victim. “Later she asked me to help her in solving the problem between her and the boyfriend, so I agreed to meet her and to bring him with me to Dubai Water Canal,” added the victim.

The trio met and the boyfriend explained that he left the Nepali woman 18 months ago because she had cheated on him with another man.

“He was angry and yelled at her and I tried to calm them down,” said the victim. “She asked me to help her as she is suffering financially too. I gave her Dh40 and he gave her Dh50 and she left.”

After one day, the defendant asked to meet the victim again but for only five minutes in Bur Dubai.

“I work in a hotel and I met her near my workplace. She took a knife and tried to stab me. I blocked the knife with my left arm. She tried to stab me again and I held the blade with my hand injuring my fingers. I was yelling for help when she muzzled me with her hand,” added the victim.

Passers-by alerted police and tried to intervene.

The victim was taken to Rashid Hospital, while the defendant was arrested.

Prosecution said the defendant confessed to the charges of attempted murder, and admitted that she had intended to commit suicide.

The trial is adjourned until April 15 during which time the defendant will remain in police custody.