The woman is accused of invading others' privacy and stirring up public opinion Image Credit: @AbuDhabipp/Twitter

Abu Dhabi: The Abu Dhabi Public Prosecution has launched an investigation and taken legal action against an Arab woman who shared a video on social media verbally attacking a participant at the recently held Abu Dhabi Book Fair.

The prosecution initiated legal proceedings against the woman for inciting public opinion and invading privacy through social media. It was alleged that the suspect verbally abused the participants by sharing a live-streaming video without the victim's consent on social media.

The video, which was circulated on social media, showed the suspect verbally assaulting the victim and blaming them for attending public events due to a previous conviction outside the country.

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The prosecution said that the UAE law ensures the rights of all individuals and does not tolerate any form of encroachment, trespassing, or attempts to disrupt public order.

According to article 44 of Federal Law No. 34 of 2021 on Combating Rumours and Cybercrimes, anyone who uses an information network, electronic information system, or any information technology means with the intention of invading a person's privacy, personal or family life without consent and against legal provisions, in any of the following ways: eavesdropping, interception, recording, transmission, disclosure of conversations, communications, audio or visual materials, capturing others' images in any public or private place, preparing, transferring, revealing, copying, or retaining electronic images, will be punished with imprisonment for a period not less than six months and a fine not less than Dh150,000 and not exceeding Dh500,000 or either of these two penalties.