Abu Dhabi: An arrest warrant has been issued for a man accused of driving recklessly in a European country thereby endangering his life and the lives of others, the Public Prosecution announced Tuesday.

The Emirati suspect was seen in a video which has been circulating across social media platforms while recklessly performing stunts and “intentionally making loud noises [using his car] to attract attention”, court documents revealed.

The video also displayed the vehicle’s licence plate which belonged to one of the UAE’s emirates.

Authorities proved that the suspect had in fact travelled to the country in question where he is believed to have committed the crime and that his vehicle is registered in a UAE emirate. Prosecutors also confirmed that he had taken the video with high technical skills before posting it online for people to watch.

The capital’s Attorney-General, Counsellor Ali Mohammad Al Beloushi, urged UAE citizens to abide by rules and regulations when visiting other countries. He also insisted that they represent their country positively by being good ambassadors, adding that the UAE’s people are known to be a role model for positive behaviour and that the deviation of some from this rule makes them responsible for their actions.

Recently, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs also advised that UAE nationals travelling abroad must follow procedures. They have also been requested to register with the ministry’s Tawajedi (My whereabouts) service through its website or smartphone application in order for government assistance to be facilitated in case they required emergency help.

Ministry officials also advised citizens to cooperate with foreign airport authorities if they ask for personal information such as the duration of stay, accommodation, date of return and amount of money being carried.

The Prosecution stated that Emiratis can be held accountable for a crime they commit outside the country, if the deed is against UAE law, in case they were not tried in court in the foreign country.