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Dana Al Mazmi and Mahra Bin Hammad

Dubai: Two female pilots from Dubai Police have begun carrying out air missions after completing their training in the Air Wing.

The director of the Air Wing Centre, Pilot Trainer Colonel Ali Al Muhairi, said Dubai Police encourages and empowers women to work in various disciplines, including aviation.

He said Lieutenant-General Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri, Commander-in-Chief of the Police, directed the recruitment of talented female personnel and their inclusion in the Dubai Police Air Wing.

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Dana Al Mazmi and Mahra Bin Hammad: Proud Emirati duo Image Credit: Supplied

He said Dana Al Mazmi and Mahra Bin Hammad joined Dubai Police in 2019 and graduated from the “Horizon” Aviation Academy in 2020. Qualified to undertake operations, they were assigned tasks such as air patrols specialised in transmitting live images to the Command and Control Room in Dubai Police, transporting injured people from accident sites to hospitals, search and rescue missions for lost people, whether in the desert, wilderness, mountains or the sea, besides transporting specialised teams such as security and medical evacuation.

Colonel Al Muhairi said: “We in Dubai Police are proud of the great achievements of Emirati women at all levels, which reflects that in the UAE we are moving forward with our ambition towards leadership in all fields.”
Pilot Dana Al Mazmi said she is proud of her work and of joining the ranks of the female force in the Air Wing of the Dubai Police, and of the tasks entrusted to her, which aim to protect society, provide security and serve the country. She said Dubai Police offers a supportive environment for women and she received necessary training.

Pilot Mahra bin Hammad said: “We work today in the Air Wing of Dubai Police and we are all proud of what women have achieved.”