Dubai: Three men have been jailed for two years each for attacking two men with swords and knives and chopping off four fingers of one of them.

The Emirati man and his Indian friend were looking for a place to dine when a group of Vietnamese men lured them to have a massage in a flat at Dubai International City in January.

When the two friends realised that they had been lured to a brothel to have sex, one of them told the Vietnamese men that prostitution is banned in the UAE and that he would be calling the police.

The Emirati said when they entered the flat, the men came with four women who turned out to be prostitutes and told them they could have sex with the women.

Three of the men jumped out of the window of the first-storey flat and absconded.

The Emirati and Indian man left the flat and went down where they spotted a group of around 10 men armed with swords charging towards them.

The two friends ran to their car before the Indian lost balance and fell on the ground.

The Vietnamese trio stabbed him and caused him severe injuries.

When the Emirati man tried to help his friend, he was attacked as well.

The Dubai Court of First Instance convicted the trio of trying to kill the Indian, assaulting him and causing him permanent disability.

Presiding judge Urfan Omar also convicted them of assaulting the Emirati and injuring him.

According to Monday’s ruling, the trio will be deported following the completion of their punishments.

The Vietnamese trio pleaded not guilty.

Records said the defendants and an unidentified number of their countrymen [who remain at large] formed a gang and attacked the Emirati and the Indian.

The trio caused 10 per cent permanent disability to the Emirati and a 25 per cent permanent disability to the Indian man, who lost four fingers.

The Emirati testified that when he told them that prostitution is prohibited in the UAE and that he will call the police, three of the men present in the flat jumped out of the window.

“When we went down, a group of men attacked us with sharp tools. They stabbed my friend when he fell down … he had four of his fingers chopped off. I tried to save him … but I defended myself against stabs with one arm and used the other arm to pull my friend away. They attacked me on the head and back,” he said.

Monday’s ruling remains subject to appeal within 15 days.