Dubai: A transsexual waiter faces six months in jail for posting photos of his enlarged breasts on Facebook, and encouraging men to have sex with him for Dh1,000.

The Dubai Court of First Instance also convicted the 30-year-old Filipino waiter of cross-dressing and encouraging men to commit a sin and have sex with him.

Presiding Judge Al Saeed Mohammad Barghout said the accused, M.J., will be deported after serving his sentence.

When the accused appeared in court, he admitted that he enlarged his breasts, posted his semi-nude photos on Facebook and solicited men to have sex with him.

Prosecutors accused him of cross-dressing and wearing outfits that made him look like a woman before an undercover police team arrested him in a sting operation for posing as a male prostitute.


Records said M.J. posted photos of himself half naked on his Facebook account with a message in which he invited men to contact him in case they were interested in having sex with him.

"Yes I am guilty as charged," admitted M.J. when he appeared.

Many people present in courtroom nine were shocked when they saw M.J.'s long silky hair and womanly-figure when the accused was called in for Presiding Judge Barghout to pass judgment.

Prosecution records said the waiter worked as a male prostitute, misused the internet [Facebook social network] to post indecent photos of himself so he could entice men to have sex with him.

He was additionally charged with cross-dressing.

An Emirati policeman testified that an informant alerted them that the defendant promoted himself as a prostitute and charged men Dh1,000 for a night of sex.

Sting operation

"The informant arranged for a meeting with the defendant as part of a sting operation. They met in a hotel in Naif.

Police raided the lobby and arrested M.J. while he was heading up to the room for the purpose of the deal.

"He took out from a women's purse the money which he collected from the informant.

"The suspect looked like a woman beyond doubt," the policeman claimed.

An Iranian policeman testified that M.J. posed as a male prostitute to nightclub customers.

A Dubai Police's forensic doctor, who examined the defendant, reported that M.J. is a male and had enlarged his breasts using special injections.

Prosecution records mentioned that the defendant did not have recent intercourse at the time when he got detained.

Indecent photos of M.J. were found on his mobile phone.

Text messages, in which he invited men to have sex with him, were also discovered in the phone.

Sunday's judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.